When it comes to conversations about hemp, most of the focus is usually on its commercial uses, particularly on CBD, and on its environmental benefits. Many people are already familiar with the versatile plant and how it can be used to make paper, fuel, textiles, building materials like hempcrete and that the seeds can be eaten and also made into oil.

But did you know that hemp can also be great for your hair, skin and nails too? Because hemp is legal in all 50 states, there are many retail stores that sell beauty products made with it. Hempseed oil has a long list of cosmetic benefits from reducing acne to helping your hair grow healthier thanks to a high concentration of fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 as well as other nutrients and minerals like vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and protein. It’s worth noting that hempseed oil contains no CBD or other cannabinoids, and that many products out there have misleading labels, so make sure you know what’s in a product before you purchase!

Looking for a new way to boost your beauty routine? Here are some ways you can use hempseed oil to take your regimen to the next level.

1) Help Improve the Appearance of Skin

If you deal with persistent acne or skin irritation, the anti-inflammatory properties in hempseed oil can help reduce some of your problem areas. It not only softens and smooths the skin but it can also aid in evening out skin tone issues caused by hyperpigmentation or acne scars. Plus, it can be used on all skin types whether you have normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin.

2) Add a Boost of Hydration

Hempseed oil is excellent for anyone who suffers from dry skin or dry hair thanks to its ability to help retain moisture. It’s a non-comedogenic oil with lipids that are very similar to the ones that your skin naturally produces. That means it is able to deeply and effectively penetrate the skin which helps to hydrate but without clogging your pores.

3) Reduce the Effects of Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are two of the most common skin issues many people deal with as they get older. The amino acids found in hemp seed oil can aid in making your skin look plump which reduce the appearance of Regular use can help slow down the signs of aging over time by regenerating the skin’s natural protective layer that can become dull if not properly taken care of.

4) Boost Your Hair Health

Because hempseed oil is great at promoting and retaining moisture, it can be a good way to get rid of dandruff and or discomfort caused by a dry, flaky scalp. It can be used as a deep conditioner prior to washing your hair or as added moisturizer anytime you feel like your scalp needs from extra hydration.

5) Strengthen Nails

Rubbing hempseed oil directly into your nails and cuticles can not only help keep them hydrated and looking shiny, but can help strengthen them as well. Its antifungal properties are also great for your foot massages, especially if you workout often or just have naturally sweaty feet and would like to prevent conditions like Athlete’s Foot.

6) Help Remove Makeup

Although makeup wipes are usually used to get a good night out off of your face, hempseed oil can actually do a better job at removing the excess pigment and debris. It helps to dissolve the oil and wax in makeup better than water-based cleansers. Just add a little hemp seed oil to a cotton ball or cotton pad and rub in small circles until all your makeup is removed but be sure to follow up with soap for the best results.

7) Work from the Inside Out

Aside from topical use in lotions, cleansers, moisturizers or masks, you can also eat hemp seeds or take hemp tincture to get some of the benefits. Eating hemp seeds or hemp seed oil can help boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health and support overall health. It’s also a great source of protein for people with plant-based eating habits who are looking for ways to keep their diets in check.

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